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last updated 19 Aug 2014
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Figure of 8 dog lead.

“Arrived next day!! Our young pup couldn't be walked where there were people or other dogs, she pulled so hard she was choking herself. We tried a Halti which was useless. This lead worked so well that she walked to heel straight away and very soon learned not to pull at all. Thank you so much” GM                                                                               see more.....
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ultimate dog harness

figure of 8 lead Dachshund Black Nylon Dog Coat Up Country Pheasant Dog Collar Soft dog reflective harness

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Dogs Unleashed Microfiber Dog Towel - Green whippet greyhound leather dog collars 'Sorted' Dog coat detangler & conditioning spray dogline supersoft microfiber dog collars Paw Flapper Interactive Dog Game rolled coloured leather collars Zipped folding dog bowl woven dog placemat - random bones Dogs & Co Step In Suit Waterproof Dog Coat